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Welcome to my video page

This page gives an insight into the different areas i work with, each video is unique, and will give information to help you decide on your journey with me. If there is something you do not see listed please get in touch. 

Your Hypnotherapy Session Explained

How Hypnotherapy can help you, and what it can help you with

Achieving goals with online therapy sessions

Did you know that not only do i offer face to face sessions, but also online sessions too. Find out how i can help you.

Facts about clinical hypnotherapy

This video showcases health issues that hypnotherapy can deal with. Just by using your mind you can achieve powerful changes.

Those Questions You Always Wanted To Ask 

Is Hypnosis Real

If you are new to hypnosis, you may wonder what the answers are to some of these questions. 

Will Hypnosis Work For Me

I get asked this question a lot. Watch the video to find out more

How Successful Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis and working with children

Not only does hypnosis work for adults, but it is fantastic for children too. Watch the video to find out how it could benefit your child

Beating habits in 2022

Be smoke Free in 2022

Do you want to finally be smoke free in 2022

Hypnosis can help you break that habit for good

Lose bad habits in 2022

Do you have a habit you would like to break, 

maybe you have a new year resolution to break a habit. 

Try hypnotherapy now, and see how it can break your habits

Health and Wellbeing Hypnosis

Why not make hypnotherapy part of your health and well-being toolkit, by maintaining good mental, and physical health. Hypnosis can enhance all aspects of your wellbeing, with positive changes to how you think, and feel. Essex-Hypnosis

Beating Anxiety

Find out how anxiety may effect you, and how to beat it using hypnosis

Helping you with Depression

If you suffer with depression, hypnotherapy can help. Do not stay silent, book now and see how i can help you.

Low self esteem

When it comes to mental health i normally find that sufferers also have low self esteem, if you need to feel better in yourself to bring back that confident glow, watch this video to see how i can help you.


All of us lack confidence in some way or another, find out how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your confidence issues, to become the best you.

Confidence and Hypnotherapy

Confidence Issues

All of us lack confidence in some way or another, find out how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your confidence issues, to become the best you.

Self Confidence And You

Watch the video to find out how hypnotherapy can help you with your self confidence.

Dealing with Fears

Did you know that therapy can actually help you beat your fears 


Fear of Needles

If you have a fear of needles, no matter how long you have struggled with it, hypnosis can help you break that fear.

Fear of flying

If you have a fear of flying this is the video for you

Fix your phobia

Do you have a phobia that you would like to beat. Watch the information video to see how i can help you overcome your phobia

How would you like to improve your relationship

I work with couples, and families to help achieve better relationships, find out more by watching the video.

Weight Management 

Weight Loss Mindset

Ever wondered how hypnosis can help you to achieve your weight loss goals? Well now you can, watch the informative video and see how hypnosis can help you become your best self.

Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Programme

Not only does hypnosis help you with the issues above and below, but i also deal with weight management, so if you need help to lose weight, and keep it off, watch the video.

Helping you with post lockdown anxiety

Thousands are suffering with post lockdown anxiety, as life begins to change for us all how will you cope? Find out how by watching the video

Hypnosis Helping You to Get a Good Night Sleep

Video Title

This video gives to some tips in helping you to achieve the sleep that you deserve. If you are struggling with your sleep, book an appointment now to find out how i can help you achieve a good night's sleep.

Video Title

Whether you have trouble falling asleep, or you keep 

waking through the night. Watch the video to see how hypnosis can help you gain the best sleep.

Autoimmune Disease and hypnotherapy

If you have an autoimmune disease, then you know all too well how it can effect you both mentally and physically. This educational video is designed with you in mind. Showing you how hypnotherapy can help with the symptoms. 

Hypnosis in type 2 Diabetes

Did you know that hypnosis can help you manage the side effects of this auto immune disease. Watch the video to find out how Essex-Hypnosis can help you on your journey.

Stop Smoking Here

If you want to stop smoking, and need help watch the video to see how i can help you, and follow the thousands that have successfully stopped smoking with hypnotherapy.

Reduce alcohol consumption 

I can help you to cut down on your alcohol consumption, and help you stop. Watch the video opposite to see how i can help.

Coping with Addiction

Watch the video to find out how hypnotherapy can help you battle addiction, with my help you can break the cycle, and live the life you deserve

Corporate and Entrepreneurial strategies

Empower your employees with corporate hypnotherapy

Do you want to change the mindset of your employees? maybe you need help with employee motivation, or help to bring together you workforce. I can empower your employees to achieve the success your company needs.

Six strategies to re-inforce your entrepreneurial fire

Would you like to know how you can fulfil your dreams, by giving you the right mindset and focus. you can overcome any challenges, and make a difference. Watch the video to see how i can help you.

Hypnosis and Chronic Pain

Did you know that if you suffer with chronic pain then hypnosis can help you reduce your pain levels. 

Hypnotherapy Support through your cancer journey

Did you know that hypnotherapy is extremely effective in dealing with the side effects of Cancer treatment, from pain, stress, anxiety, depression, fears, and phobias

Sport performance hypnotherapy

Would you like to excel in your sport? Hypnosis can help to give you the mental strength, and positive outlook, changing your mental attitude can give phenomenal results with sports hypnosis.