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Helping you cool down as the temperature rises

Temperatures are rising in the UK, and all over the world due to climate change 

I have seen a spike in clients struggling more with sleep ,and stress since the hot weather kicked in. i noticed even in myself my mood had changed, i have been feeling really agitated, and my clients have been mentioning the same thing.

 We are aware of seasonal affective disorder, this is when peoples moods change in the winter due to a lack in serotonin, once the sun comes out your serotonin rises, and our mood gets better. But what about how are moods are affected in the summer? In the summer months our cortisol hormone rises, and in turn causes us to become angry, grumpy, and agitated, and on top of this effects our sleep”.

I started wondering how i could help everyone to cool down in this heat, as a hypnotherapist i know that using your imagination, whilst in a state of induced relaxation by focusing your attention works wonders, so i have introduced a technique to cool everyone down,  It is so easy that anyone can do it.

Not only will the recording cool you down in this heat, but it will reduce your stress levels, and help you have a better nights sleep.

To access my free summer cool down recording got to: www.essex-hypnosis.co.uk/downloads

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5 May 2021

Fixing Sleep Issues with the Power of Hypnosis

As we come out of the other side of the pandemic

It has affected many of our daily routines, and one of its biggest reported impacts has been that on sleep - sleep becomes more elusive when we are anxious.

Many people are suffering sleep issues for the first time in their lives:

• awake for long periods

• unable to fall asleep at all

• wake up several times during the night

• more intense and emotional dreams

• tired and groggy the next morning

• find it difficult to concentrate or function properly

• feel irritable

But good sleep stratagems will help you sleep well and can limit the negative effects of poor sleep.

Try these FIVE hints for calmer and better sleep.

1 Limit news intake and avoid your mobiles and tablets for at least an hour before bed

Do something to boost your mood before bed - a humorous television programme or an uplifting podcast can help you sleep

2 Have structure to your day

Our brains and bodies love structure. Wake, exercise, eat and sleep at similar times each day

3 Focus on your breathing

Think about resting rather than sleeping. Follow your breathing by silently whispering the words ‘in’ and ‘out’ to induce sleep.

4 Learn to relax

Relaxation can switch off the stress response, physically and mentally. Find something that works for you - mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing or a long hot bath.

5. If you can’t sleep - get out of bed

Your bed should not be a battleground. Instead, try to enjoy the sensation of merely resting.

Hypnosis can help many forms of sleep issues.

If you are not sleeping well, and traditional treatments are not working, hypnosis may be able to help you sleep the way you deserve.

It uses different approaches to induce relaxation, such as focused attention, symptom control and guided imagery.

And, unlike sleep medications, it has no side effects, so it can be an aid for those who can’t or don’t want to take sleeping pills.

It can help overcome bedtime restlessness - ease the worry, tension and anxiety that prevent sleep - and can show the way to the deep, restorative sleep that we all need.

To get started, download this complimentary hypnosis recording. And take the first steps on the road to better sleep!

Click on the link below for your free sleep recording

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Posted on 10 February, 2021 at 10:35

I helped lady beat her 61 year needle phobia

The 71 year old lady from Canvey Island in Essex had hidden her fear from everyone around her for over Sixty years

When i first started seeing the client, she was embarrassed about the thought of anyone knowing about her phobia, she also felt ashamed of it.

My client had been through an unpleasant experience as a young child at school having a vaccination, she had passed out, this one single incident at school made my client fear ever having another injection, and she had kept this a secret for Sixty One years.

Studies have shown an increase in the amount of people having a needle phobia, due to the new covid vaccine roll-out.

I have seen an increase in the amount of people i see with a needle phobia since the pandemic began, so many are wanting to have the vaccination, but fear having it due to their phobia. When actually it can be fixed.

I have spent years helping people to cope with, and reduce their fears and phobias. The techniques I teach my clients, whatever the trigger for their condition, can also be applied successfully in this current pandemic. I’d encourage anyone who has a fear or phobia of needles/injections to seek help, as this is something that can be fixed.

This pandemic has many repercussions beyond the actual virus. One is the potential impact on mental health and wellbeing as people try to manage an increasingly stressful situation, and having to deal with this fear and phobia every day of their lives, due to the constant news coverage. You can not get away from it.


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