Welcome to Essex-Hypnosis


Consultations are free of charge, on completion of the consultation i will come up with a plan of action specifically for your needs, whether that be a stand alone therapy, or a combination of therapies. Therapy can begin straight after consultation. There is no set time limit on the consultation or session, but you could be with me for up to 2 hours in total for your first session with consultation.

All sessions come in a programme of Four, payable in advance.


If you are coming in for any of the above sessions, then it is a one off fee, you do not need an initial consultation for this type of therapy. But the appointment will last for approximately 2 hours, and this will be the only appointment you will need. Unless of course there is anything else you need to see me for.

If you would like to book an appointment, or you require further information, please go to the top of my page to book now.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Appointment Terms and Conditions

All consultations and therapy sessions are by pre-booked appointment only. Please be on time (no more than 5 minutes early), and if you are early please do not buzz until your scheduled time out of courtesy to clients before you. If you arrive late for your appointment, it will not change the scheduled end time (as a courtesy to other clients who may be scheduled after you).

All payments must be made prior to session

A minimum of 48 hours notice must be given if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, otherwise you will be charged for the unattended appointment.

When you attend a session it is vitally important that you are not under the influence of either alcohol or recreational drugs. If you are you will be asked to leave immediately and will lose that session fee.

All the therapies i use are natural techniques and results may vary from person to person depending on your ability to conform to the procedure, and any follow up care specified. You may find the therapy highly effective, whereas others may find only a slight effect occurs. As a result no guarantee is given to the effects of any of the therapies i use. For further information about any of the therapies i use, and any questions you may have, you can either have a look at my Therapy Offered page, or questions and answers page. If you don't find the answer to your question, or you require further information, then please feel free to contact me by clicking on the contact information icon.

Refunds are not issued as you are paying for my time, and you would have had this.